Andrew Jones

Senior Product Designer & Front-End Developer


UI / UX Designer & Web Developer

Flourish had three main goals for this project: take inspiration from the parent brand Indwell, have it be fully WCAG compliant and, finally, make it blazing fast. I think we hit the mark on all three.

Indo Smoke

Web Developer

Don't be fooled by the cool and effortless looks of this site. Beneath the surface are a handful of custom data integrations that power an easy and secure shopping experience.

Ron Lovett

Brand / UI Designer & Web Developer

With Ron's site, we aimed to toe the line between professional, playful, and personal by relying on handwritten fonts, deep hues, and letting his brand shine through storytelling and videos.

A Little About Me

Hi! I'm Andrew- a Senior Product Designer & Front-End Developer. I aim to partner with organizations and clients who share my passion for design, technology, and social returns on their products.

Cartoon image of Andrew with a rainbow in the background

Creating beautiful, user-friendly websites and apps to grow your business and brand.

As a Designer and Developer, my aim is to tell your stories and share your brand through code and design. With countless options of Web Developers and Designers, why choose to work with me? Besides a not-so-secret love of puns, my previous professional experience in Quality Control has given me a mild case of perfectionism and an eye for detail. What I can guarantee is an eagerness for new projects, accountability, on-going site maintenance and a final product of the highest quality.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
Get in touch! I'm eager to chat and my mom says I'm a nice guy.